Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oversized Pendants & Chandeliers

What do you think…thumbs up or thumbs down on oversized lighting fixtures in kitchens and dining rooms?  Here are a few designs that incorporate them….it’s as if hospitality designers moved to residential work and transferred the big lighting in hotels to homes…well….I like it.

This pic is from blogger – good idea that the designer (unknown) carried the same lighting into the living area.  The little girl looks like she is having a great time:


Charlotte Moss – these are my favorite colors – soft.  She does a great job of combining soft with drama:

charlotte moss

Jeff Andrews design – the shears over the window help create a nice dramatic effect:

cococozy_jeff andrewsdesign

This isn’t really oversized…I just like the room….;-)


Architectural Digest – designer unknown – very stylish.  The pineapples are great, too:

dining 3

Brummel Cucine – all I can say is – wow:

brummel cucine

Industrial look – designer unknown:


What do you think?  Si o no?   I like that the larger lamps add strength and drama to the rooms. 

Adios, thanks for stopping by – have a great week ;-)


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